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Many Nova Scotians are turning to heat pumps to heat and cool their homes either as the primary method or in addition to their current method of climate control.  There are a number of benefits to installing a heat pump in your home and with the financing options and rebates available, there has hardly been a better time to do so.

Inevitably though the number one question any homeowner has is “how much does it cost?”. As with any home upgrade you will find a wide range of prices, and more often than not a wide range of qualities reflected in those prices. This is important to keep in mind with any major purchase to avoid being swayed into poor quality by low price.

In any case, the cost you can expect to pay for your heat pump is determined by a few factors.

Factors Of Heat Pump Cost

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    The size of heat pump (in BTU’s)
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    How many indoor units will be installed
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    Quality and efficiency

Due to the number of variables and the unforeseen circumstances that can arise with any home addition, an in-home assessment is the only way to get an accurate quote for your heat pump. During the assessment, we will inspect the electrical panel and wiring in your home to ensure that there is appropriate service for a heat pump, as well as the layout of the interior and exterior of your home to assess the proper sizing and location of the indoor and outdoor units.

That being said, heat pumps typically fall into a standard range of cost for purchase and install.

Single Zone Ductless

These are the most common heat pumps installed in Nova Scotia. They feature one outdoor unit that supplies a single indoor head, usually mounted on the wall. These are an excellent choice for heating and cooling the main area of your home, such as an open concept living room, kitchen, dining room area, or any single zone of your home that you choose.

These machines are typically 12,000 or 15,000 BTUs, and costs for purchase and installation tend to fall between $4000 to $5000.   

Multi-Zone Ductless

If you are looking to regulate multiple zones or multiple levels of your home then you will want to look at multi-zone units. These are comprised of a single outdoor unit that supplies two to four indoor heads.  This setup usually requires a pump of 18,000 to 24,000 BTU’s and runs around $7800 to $8500.

Though the increase seems steep, it is still a better value than purchasing multiple single zone units. 

Single-Zone Ductless 

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    12,000 - 15,000 BTUs
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    ​$4000 - $5000

Multi-Zone Ductless 

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    18,000 - 24,000 BTUs
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    $7800 - $8500

Financing & Rebates

There are a few option to help Nova Scotia homeowners start saving on their energy bills with a heat pump. 

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers a rebate of $200 per tonne on cold climate ductless heat pumps through their Green Heat Program. This rebate was previously offered only to electrically heated homes but very recently was extended to oil heated homes as well. Make sure to check this out before you buy to ensure you that qualify.

Nova Scotia Power (NSP) offers financing on your heat pump purchase and install directly on your power bill at a rate of 7%. If you wish to finance through NSP we can take care of this in-house for you. 

  • Direct On-b​​​​​ill Financing Through Nova Scotia Power
  • $200 per Tonne Rebates Through Efficiency Nova Scotia

No matter what route you choose to take, the first step toward saving on your energy bill is to book your free no risk, in-home assessment through Acadia Refrigeration. 

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